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Does Nokia Lumia hold up in 2022 at all? Windows Phone throwback!

The 7 dropped the jack and therefore lacks connectivity the 6s does. I am keeping my 6s until everything goes wirelesss…..Just like apple dropped all ports except USB 3 on their laptops….DUMB move there. My first smart phone was the HTC PPC6800 WM6.? I still have all of them, never had any problem with any of them.

will windows phone survive

This hub also includes Smart DJ which compiles a playlist of songs stored on the phone similar to the song or artist selected. Well, it’s time to press F for Windows Phone, the mobile platform that even convinced HP to produce a mobile phone. App support was always low, but now the sun is setting for all active WP users, with WhatsApp support ending on December 31st, 2019. Instagram, Facebook and Messenger pulled the plug in April, and since that moment we all knew WhatsApp was next. The message also said that WhatsApp was removed from the Microsoft Store, meaning that if you deleted the app, you’d need an appx that allowed you to install it, otherwise you’d be out of luck. What is the advantage of a single operating system core when the cloud syncs your data no matter what platform you are using?

So what is a Windows phone?

However, Microsoft’s failures and Apple’s successes have lead to developers abandoning or outright ignoring Windows mobile. Apple’s highly profitable market attracted developers. Windows mobile did not offer a profitable market and thus did not receive enough apps to attract the users to build a profitable market. The OP in this sub-thread posited that developer’s charges and greed caused Windows mobile to fail. If that were problematic then iOS should have failed too since Apple charged for its development tools, and, even worse, required the purchase or use of expensive Mac computers. I love Jasons enthusiasm, I really want to believe he’s right and there’s a vibrant future for Windows on Mobile, I use it personally and professionally and in my small business.

  • The 950 and the x3 comes close to the one device for everything I’ve been waiting for since my spv e200.
  • The product was to be released in 2009 as Windows Phone, but several delays prompted Microsoft to develop Windows Mobile 6.5 as an interim release.
  • Microsoft was looking to Motorola to help salvage Windows Phone 7, because the Nokia deal, by itself likely won’t save Microsoft’s struggling smartphone OS.
  • To leverage this power in your pocket, Microsoft invented Continuum; hardware and software to enable your Windows 10 for Mobile device to work like your desktop.

In the end I will have to switch, the biggest pain being that i need to find an efficient way to transfer my call history and sms texts. First lesson grasshopper is know thy enemy. Second lesson is don’t drop your Samsung because after one time it develops a line down the right hand of the screen. Third is don’t buy the iPhone 7 flat black because the paint chips off in a matter of days and Apple doesn’t really care. Forth and final lesson grasshopper, one day you are on top and the next, well you are not. The only thing in life that stays the same is things they gonna change.

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Microsoft though doesn’t give us all the info we would like to see may well have insight into the exact way to which the mobile world is moving. AI is going What is Ruby to keep growing and getting smarter and more than likely will replace apps. Microsoft does have deep pockets and a coherent vision of their future.

I hope MS can make a go of phones again but I need a tool that works in the here and now so whilst MS look to the future and work on that I too will be using a tool from a different company, for the forseeable future at least. Unfortunately, all that iphone and Android users need to know is that it doesn’t run the apps they love to use every day. I believe that it is a stronger platform. I believe that it is friendlier for developers (apart from the lack of $$$). I believe that Microsoft has a strong dedication and track record for delivering innovation. Android and iPhone both deliver great user experiences AND have a far superior app ecosystem.

First they had to sell it to the carriers and manufacturers. That is where they failed and Android won. My lumia 730 is going crazy, full of app crashes… I can’t run Facebook bcz its min. req is 2GB RAM… And most of the windows phones r only powered with 1GB RAM’s… Don’t forget the biggest lesson bebochek….the amazing windows phone/mobile OS is useless because of lack of apps.

It becomes especially noticable if you’re juggling several email accounts for different purposes. Like if you have personal, work, and business email accounts and need to keep them separate. Microsoft removed all the unique features that actually made Windows Phone a joy to use that offered benefits over iOS and Android. Mainly because they failed to advertise and educate customers. Ala Windows 8 and Windows 10, they expect people to ‘discover’ things, but no one does because no one goes menu-hunting for something they don’t know exists in the first place. I tell you that Windows Phone is in the re-build stage, and that you are right by using something else in the mean time.

In many Asian countries which boast the largest growth markets, we are seeing Chinese companies dominating the low cost space such as TCL , ZTE, Xiaomi or India’s Micromax or even brands like Oppo and BBK. Although the new Windows 10 mobile OS is reaching devices, its previous releases weren’t exactly blockbusters. At a 1.7% market share at the end of the third quarter in 2015, the OS’ reach has in fact declined from 3% in the prior year’s quarter. Contrast that with Android’s massive 84.7% market share, that has increased from 83.3% a year earlier, or Apple iOS’ 13.1% rising from 12.5% in the year-earlier quarter. As the world moves rapidly towards Mobile and away from Desktops, does this imply that Microsoft will have a lack of major feature rollouts on the horizon?

Just because you have someone respond does not necessarily give the content of your article credibility. The Windows Phone has been dead for a very long time , the customers aren’t coming back . I would say Windows Mobile as far apps and small tablet devices say 8-10 inch form is probably dead man walking now…

Not recognizing and adopting quickly enough to that dualality was Blackberry’s downfall. Any new Microsoft mobile device MUST be great for the office but it also NEEDS to be consumer focused. Without that dual purpose, what is the incentive to leave Apple or Android.


Windows phones basically have none of these things. They are locked down like the iPhone, so manufacturers are not going to be excited to offer it, the app store is nearly non-existent and Microsoft doesn’t offer premium hardware to make up for these issues. Most of these consumers have little to no knowledge of the universal platform binding their PCs with the «Windows-on-phone» mobile strategy Microsoft has been working toward for years. Microsoft’s early iteration of that vision, Pocket PC 2000, brought certain elements of desktop Windows to a pocketable mobile device, but the platforms were still separate.

will windows phone survive

And the next time someone asks you, «What’s a Windows phone?», you can tap that Live Tile and share the link as you say with a smile, «I’m glad you asked.» Through the power of Continuum, users will be able to use it as a desktop PC. Windows Phone 7.5, with the 500 additional features Microsoft brought to the OS, and the HTC Titan eventually won me over to Microsoft’s latest OS.

That’s why I think the guys at Microsoft are not stupid, neither are those at Nokia. Sure, they are not invincible and anything can happen, just like it happened to Kodak or RIM but they are learning from mistakes. To use an iPhone, you’d have to switch sides to Apple; to use Android, means to have access, sometimes, to an obscure and huge list of choices.

Will Microsoft Windows Survive Another 20 Years?

Clicking on a contact’s tile or accessing their card within the «People» hub will reveal their recent social network activity as well as the rest of their contact information. Find the best phones, apps and accessories with our CNET Mobile newsletter. I had a Lumia 640 for a backup phone with it possibly becoming my primary.

Yezz announced two smartphones in May, and at Computex 2014 BYD, Compal, Pegatron, Quanta and Wistron were also named as new Windows Phone OEMs. Registered Windows Phone and Xbox Live developers can submit and manage their third-party applications for the platforms through the App Hub web applications. The App Hub provides development tools and support for third-party application developers. The submitted applications undergo an approval process for verifications and validations to check if they qualify the applications standardization criteria set by Microsoft.

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Advantages of NoSQL Top 12 Advantages of NoSQL

It stores the data in native format, which means that the developer can adapt the format of an application easily. The addition of inexpensive addition of hardware including server and storage makes the cluster more durable and resilient in terms of infrastructure. In NoSQL, the hardware can be upgraded and new clusters can be added into the existing environment with zero downtime. This type of architecture always allows the set of clusters of a database to expand and contract automatically. It can handle the very large and complex nested structure of JSON file efficiently without affecting the performance of an application.

In SQL, you need to modify schemas and backfill data before you can add new data. However, it is also restrictive, as you need a predefined schema for describing your data structure right at the outset, and this structure has to be consistent throughout all your data. This means a lot of preparation in the early stage, and great difficulty in changing the structure later on. It provides you the support of saving data into column rather than the rows. NoSQL databases usually follow the BASE model, which offers more elasticity than the ACID model.

Pros and cons of SQL

This NoSQL model is primarily used for data mining and analytics applications. On the other hand, NoSQL databases are specifically designed for unstructured data which can be document-oriented, column-oriented, graph-based, etc. In this case, a particular data entity is stored together and not partitioned.

  • Vendors have been steadily incorporating features into their products to make them more universal.
  • They are ideal for applications that require multi-row transactions such as an accounting system or for legacy systems that were built for a relational structure.
  • A scale-up is something that the database administrators always rely on.
  • Unlike with SQL, their built-in sharding and high availability requirements allow horizontal scaling.
  • The general use and acceptance of NoSQL databases has been based primarily on developers who discovered they could develop and modify specific applications fairly easily using NoSQL.
  • JSON is used by document databases like MongoDB to transform the data into something far more like code.
  • NoSQL databases are gaining popularity and are proving to be a game changer in the industry.

Document-oriented NoSQL databases are especially useful for content management systems and blogs. The most commonly used data format is JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), which allows for fast exchange of data between applications. Any data that is undetermined in terms of shape or arrangement is considered unstructured.


In general, SQL databases can scale vertically, meaning you can increase the load on a server by migrating to a larger server that adds more CPU, RAM or SSD capability. While vertical scalability is used most frequently, SQL databases can also scale horizontally through sharding or partitioning logic, although that’s not well-supported. The scale-out architecture of NoSQL systems provides a clear path to scalability when data volume or traffic grows. Achieving the same type of scalability with SQL databases can be expensive, require lots of engineering, or may not be feasible. NoSQL databases are scalable horizontally, meaning that they use multiple nodes in a cluster to handle increased workloads. This allows data architects to simply scale them by supplementing clusters with additional servers.

advantages of nosql over sql

NOSQL does address certain limitations of current SQL DBMSs but it doesn’t imply any fundamentally new capabilities over previous data models. Today, many applications are delivered as services, and those services must be available 24/7, accessible from a wide range of devices, and scaled to what can potentially be millions of users. IBM Cloudant is a scalable JSON document database optimized for web, mobile, IoT, and serverless applications. The service is compatible with an open source ecosystem that includes Apache CouchDB, PouchDB, and libraries for the most popular web and mobile development stacks. Companies have found that using a single, relational database for every component of an application has its limitations, especially when better alternatives exist for specific components. Microservices are an attractive option, in part, because they eliminate the need for a single, shared data store for an entire application.

Enable easy updates to schema and fields

As mentioned, ACID is better for businesses and organizations that need to ensure each transaction’s consistency, predictability and reliability. As one can observe, the ACID model secures that a transaction is reliable and consistent. Therefore, databases that follow this model are the best fit for organizations and businesses that cannot risk invalid and interrupted data transactions or any other error (e.g. financial institutions).

advantages of nosql over sql

Generally, NoSQL databases (can but) are not designed to support JOINs efficiently. Objects can be on different servers in non-relational database systems without being concerned about joining tables from multiples servers. In turn, NoSQL databases follow a dynamic schema for unstructured data. Since it does not require a predefined structure, modifications are easier to execute. Therefore, NoSQL databases have greater flexibility; however, flexibility may also compromise reliability despite the advantages. It is a query language that allows retrieving specific data from databases, and, in that sense, it is designed to access, store and manipulate relational databases.

When to choose a NoSQL database?

Apache HBase is built on top of Hadoop Distributed Files System that provides a way of storing sparse data sets, which is commonly used in many big data applications. Apache Cassandra, on the other hand, has been designed to manage large amounts of data across multiple servers and clustering that spans multiple data centers. It’s been used for a variety of use cases, such as social networking websites and real-time data analytics. They can be helpful in managing semi-structured data, and data are typically stored in JSON, XML, or BSON formats.

Scalability not only gives you more storage space but also much higher performance since many hosts work at the same time. By offering diverse data structures, NoSQL can be applied to data analytics, managing big data, social networks, and mobile app development. A lesser benefit comes from the fact that the relational model eliminates repetitive storage of the same information in multiple places. The transaction rates are growing tremendously in the current trend, hence the data that are being stored are also increased immensely.

In-Memory Databases

In addition, the flexibility and ease of use of their data models can speed development in comparison to the relational model, especially in the cloud computing environment. Sometimes, though, there doesn’t need to be a choice between relational and nonrelational databases. On many occasions, companies have opted for databases that offer a converged model, in which they are able to employ a combination of a relational and nonrelational data models. This hybrid approach offers increased flexibility in handling different types of data, while also ensuring read and write consistency without degrading performance. The term ‘NoSQL’ refers to nonrelational types of databases, and these databases store data in a format that’s different from relational tables.

advantages of nosql over sql

A relational database like SQL is a great option if you’re looking to build an application structured around a relationship between data tables. SQL also works well when you want to ensure your data is consistent across tables. However, relational databases aren’t always the best choice regarding flexibility or scaling. Relational databases offer many important features that make them aptly suited to enterprise workloads, which is why organizations have been turning to them for so long.

Open-Source, Scale-Out, Cloud-Native NoSQL Database

NoSQL has been getting popularity because of the flexibility and scalability that it offers over the other kinds of databases that are available. It has been designed to perform exceptionally well under any conditions including low-cost hardware. We can simply say that SQL is that structured language, which can be used to create, maintain and manage the data that lies within a database. The description for a database is that it is a structured architecture that has been programmed to organize data, defined by metadata, which ultimately represents the structure. NOSQL means only no SQL (or «not only SQL») but that doesn’t mean the same as no relational. A relational database in principle would make a very good NOSQL solution – it’s just that none of the current set of NOSQL products uses the relational model.

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Pocket: Applications: Windows Phone

If your device is running Windows 8.1 or higher, then choose the three-dotted menu and select ‘Tap to Share’. Users are advised to update to latest software version if the option isn’t showing up on his or her device. A.1 Please ensure that NFC or Tap to share is turned on both the sending device and receiving device.

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. For a while, I had rarely ever used an Android or iOS phone, I simply used Windows phones warts and all. Late last year, I dabbled with Android, using the Moto G, Redmi Note 3, Nexus 6 and Nexus 5.

app windowsphone

The Facebook app shows your latest activity, and weather apps show current conditions and forecasts—without you even having to launch the apps. The tiles can be translucent, showing your image through, and the lock screen is more customizable and informative than that of the Apple iPhone, too. And the Rooms family sharing space and Kids Corner mode make the OS more family friendly than the alternatives. As Windows phone sinks to less than 1%, there’s no reason for Microsoft to heavily push Windows 10 for phones at the moment if it heavily poisons the well of future Windows phones. Microsoft has already stated that they are committed to mobile for the future, but not at the moment. In order to fix Windows phone sales, they have to fix Windows phone first, and if they can’t accomplish the latter, there’s no point in attempting the former.

Windows Bootable Image Creator

After the download finishes, install the software onto the local drive. Plug in the device from which you want to copy the applications. Let the process complete and then unplug the phone from the PC. If you haven’t set a lock screen previously, a prompt will open up. This is to prevent unknown people from copying your lock screen and other sensitive data. Choose Action centre or Settings upon your preferences, whether you want to share the data with them.

app windowsphone

With access to the Windows Phone Store, your Lumia 1020, Lumia 830, Lumia 735, Lumia 1520, or any other Windows Phone can be full of all the essential apps in no time. We’re using a Windows Phone tile-based interface that’s easy to use with one hand. Cool tiles do more with screen tiles, such as our own images, by assigning basic tile settings; it is a phone interface replacement that looks more like Android grid buttons. This beautifully designed app ensures you can scour the library using categories, genres, author titles, and more. This lets you create bookmarks and notes in e-books that are read. This e-book reader app works well on Windows Phone 8.1 as well as Windows 8.1.

FictionBookReader – App For the Bookworms

You can even clone and reshape your face or retouch parts of it with ease using this app. Copy one area of an image onto another using this app’s clone stamp tool. This is one app that really capitalizes on the selfie fever.

Phones may also be made with a hardware keyboard for text input. Users can also add accents to letters by holding on an individual letter. Windows Phone 8.1 introduces a new method of typing by swiping through the keyboard without lifting the finger, in a manner similar to Swype and SwiftKey. The default Windows Phone user interface has a dark theme that prolongs battery life on OLED screens as fully black pixels do not emit light.

This app calculates features such as distance and brightness as well. I’m an avid bird photographer and traveler—I’ve been to 40 countries, many with great birds! Because I’m also a classical fan and former performer, I’ve reviewed streaming services that emphasize classical music. Microsoft wasn’t messing around when it picked up Minecraft for $2.5 billion from Mojang.

In addition, players can «Join the Pork Side» and play as one of the evil pigs. Windows Phone’s shape-writing keyboard with word prediction is the best I’ve used, blowing away any of the iOS add-in keyboards and even the Android stock keyboard. Other advantages include theCortana voice-response digital assistant. A bragging right over Android is that you’re more likely to be running the latest OS version, since Microsoft will bypass the carriers when updating it. But another motivation to switch to Windows Phone is that you’re an iconoclast and don’t want to be another iPhone- or Android-toting clone; you want to stand out from the crowd. The tile home-screen design not only makes getting to the app you want easier (even with one-handed operation) but also displays info relevant to the app right on the home screen.

You can compete against Facebook friends or Twitter followers, or just random folk across the Internet. The game keeps track of your achievements, like word length, accuracy, and ranking. One cool feature is that you can use a split screen mode to play across a table with someone in the room.

Alternatively, users may choose a light theme in their phone’s settings menu. User interface elements such as links, buttons and tiles are shown in the user’s chosen accent color. Third-party applications can be automatically themed with these colors. Connect to a PostgreSQL Database Server Windows Phone 8.1 introduces transparent tiles and a customizable background image for the Start screen. The image is visible through the transparent area of the tiles and features a parallax effect when scrolling which gives an illusion of depth.

app windowsphone

This uniquely constructed app lets you plot functions and observes them in curved sketches. It also supports functions with complex numbers and functions in 3-D space. 4-D space, parametric equation, and polar as well as spherical and cylindrical coordinate systems. The latest version, 3.1 of this app, has many more features. This app is also available on Windows 8 for tablets, notebooks, and PCs in many places.

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Basically, the phone shape of Windows Phone writing keyboards with word prediction is good. Another advantage of using Windows Phone apps is that they include Cortana’s digital assistance. That’s the number of active users that this messaging app is quickly approaching (it’s already passed that number of downloads for Android alone). The big news for the latest Windows Phone update is that it now supports Internet calling as well as messaging. You can also use it to send photos and videos, and voice messages. Sign-in is easy, just requiring your phone number, which also means your phone contacts are automatically accessible.

  • Windows Phone featured a new user interface derived from the Metro design language.
  • Tabs are synced with Windows 8.1 devices using Internet Explorer 11.
  • Click here to know more about what are the best software in different categories and get the one most suitable for you.

Payments are all handled electronically within the app, so there’s no need to carry cash. Here’s quick access to a ruler, compass, protractor, level, flashlight, unit converter and more–all in one very useful app. Read the day’s top stories How to Develop and Code my Own E-commerce Website and breaking news from the best news media sources. Plus, easily stay up to date on any topic you care about, from global events to local news. If you are new to Windows Phone and are coming from any other phone, this app is a must.

Building Windows Phone 7 Applications Using Cloud Services As Data Stores

Mint service lets you check on all your bank account, credit card, and investment balances in one place. The app lets you keep track of and categorize your spending, helping you stick to a budget. It can also help you figure out your true net worth and what you owe. Need to catch up 870 Java Software Engineer jobs in Berlin, Germany 35 new on Family Guy, Glee, or Modern Family but you’re nowhere near a television? Also choose from children’s shows, Latin fare, documentaries, and many other genres. While watching, you can skip to anywhere in a movie or show, or continue watching on another device where you left off.

Microsoft began to prioritize software development and integrations with Android and iOS instead, and ceased active development of Windows 10 Mobile in 2017. The Windows Phone app for desktop essentially lets you sync your device to your PC. You can backup photos music ringtones and videos with this software so you know you have a copy of anything precious. S equally useful for porting files over to the phone and managing them easily all in one place. The program has a special feature for syncing podcasts whatever source they come from. Ve only recently added things like built-in updates and the ability to sync to libraries on an external hard drive.

The Lumia 900 was one of the first Windows Phones to support LTE and was released on AT&T on April 8, 2012. An international version launched in Q2 2012, with a UK launch on May 11, 2012. The Lumia 610 was the first Nokia Windows Phone to run the Tango Variant (Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh) and was aimed at emerging markets. I think that Windows Phone Application Studio is a great tool for making little personal applications, and templates for bigger things. I spent some time playing with it, and made these screencasts which tell you a bit about the system. If nothing shows up thereafter, you may need to look on your PC or mac for any errors.

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There were plenty of quality candidates that we weren’t able to include. Another development that will have massive effects for the Windows Phone app landscape will be Android near-compatibility with Windows 10 Mobile. Internet sleuths have discovered an Android subsystem in the latest Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview build. At its Build developer conference, Microsoft announced that Android and iOS apps would be a cinch for developers to port so they could run on Windows 10 Mobile. That should help open the floodgate of new apps to the Windows phone ecosystem and lessen people’s apprehension about making the switch. «Windows Phone 8.1 includes universal apps and lots of feature updates».

Shazam may no longer seem like it works by magic, but it’s still a darn useful app if you fancy the terpsichorean art. Or if you’re just at a bar and love what’s playing but don’t know who’s performing the tune. If you couldn’t use Windows Phone’s built-in search to identify music, Shazam would be indispensable, since the onboard capability will serve most users’ needs. Nevertheless, Shazam is a fuller solution, with off-line tagging, local tune suggestions, and the enjoyable LyricPlay feature that scrolls through songs’ words as you listen. A fast-moving word game, Ruzzle has you swipe across, up, down, and diagonally to create as many words as you can in a set amount of time.